Boonli helps people in different roles.


  • Manage Meals

    Breakfast, lunch or snacks & more. Handle each and every order online using our streamlined interface.

  • Coordinate Before/After School Care

    Enrollment at a glance. Allow parents to reserve and pay for spaces online so you can organize and staff programs more efficiently.

  • Organize School Activities

    All the details at your fingertips. Manage signups for enrichment programs, payments—even permission slips for field trips using Boonli's intelligent inventory system.

  • Sell Spirit Wear

    School pride for everyone. Raise extra funds and give students and their families a way to support the school by selling merchandise online.

  • Accept Tuition Payments

    Instant, hassle-free transactions. With Boonli, parents can pay tuition online, and you can track the details of each account.

  • Manage Free and Reduced Meals

    Help students in need. Boonli enables you to offer and manage a National School Lunch Program (or in-house program) of free and reduced meals for students on a pre-order basis.

  • Bulk Ordering

    Manage bulk orders for meals and more.

  • Paperless Reporting

    Tap or Click to speed users through the lunch line.

  • Order Food For Meetings

    Meeting prep in a snap. Boonli allows you to easily order and organize meals for each team member from both the web and mobile devices.

  • Subsidize Employee Meals

    Perk up your team. Let your staff order meals at below-market prices, quickly and conveniently.

  • Sell Merchandise

    Promote your business. Boonli’s powerful software allows you to sell merchandise online while tracking current inventory levels.

  • Track Expenses

    Smarter spending. Reporting offers detailed insight into fund allocation.


Robust features enable your organization.

  • Multiple Payment Options
    Collect payments using credit cards, ACH and payroll deduction, or simply accept payments offline.
  • Robust Reporting
    Efficiently manage food prep, distribution and payments with our flexible, powerful reporting suite.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Freedom from POS systems and even your desk. Boonli’s mobile experience, with our full range of features, goes wherever you do.
  • Trusted Customer Service
    You’re not in this alone. Boonli’s expert team offers multiple levels of support based on your organization’s needs.
  • Payment Reconciliation
    Our software enables you to easily manage incoming and outgoing payments online.
  • Help Getting Started
    We’re here to help you get Boonli set up and tailored your organization’s specific needs.
  • Cloud-Based Software
    Our cloud-based system eliminates the need for expensive POS hardware and ensures the safety of your data.

We’re here to help.

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